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Betaald studeren op topniveau & praktische werkervaring opdoen


Ben jij een engineer met een creatieve mindset die meer uit zichzelf wilt halen en zichzelf durft uit te dagen? New Engineers is een opleiding op M...

  • New Engineers fills the gap between a regular bachelor study and the real business. They teach me to look differently at people and the world of engineering.

    Jan-Eize Eggens, R&D Engineer

  • At New Engineers I have the chance to develop myself further as an engineer that has much more to offer than solely engineering skills.

    Umarin Hendrikse, Software Engineer

  • My ambition is to make sustainability a way of living for everybody. Why New Engineers: I can apply instantly what I learn during the course weeks in my job and I can discuss issues from my project in class.

    Else Noë, Trainee New Business

  • I joined New Engineers because we focus on both personal and business development. Furthermore New Engineers offers me the possibility to challenge myself continuously in learning new things and gaining work experience.

    Alex Mutlu, Technical Marketing Specialist