ORMITVeldhoven - Also open for internationals 0-2 jaar WO MASTER/WO

Push technological boundaries through personal leadership and become a leader in technology within ASML.

Become a leader in technology

  • Challenging assignments within ASML.
  • Two year development within ORMIT.
  • Your own coach!
  • Inspiration from your fellow trainees and managers.

Push technological boundaries through personal leadership! ASML is a true driving force when it comes to pioneering technologies. 80% of machinery and equipment used on a day-to-day basis would not exist if it were not for ASML. To respond to customer needs, every day ASML works on developing innovative technologies. ORMIT is pushing the boundaries within this technological environment. By developing you into the allround professional that excels at the interface of business & technology.

Are you ready to make a difference within ASML?

What is the ORMIT development programme exactly?

ORMIT has been perfecting its development programme since 1994. Our formula for developing personal leadership qualities in talentend individuals has been proved successful time and again! We will accelerate your personal growth at ASML by combining the elements below:

  • Challenging assignments within ASML For a two-year period at ASML, you will complete assignments of ever greater complexity and challenge (growth in responsibility, impact, complexity, stakeholders).
  • The ORMIT Development Program You will participate in an intensive two-year training programme focused on your leadership qualities and on innovative process and improvement management.
  • Your personal coach.
  • You will be assigned a personal Talent Development Manager to provide you feedback on your development.
  • Learn from others Intervision meetings are conducted designed to stimulate knowledge exchange and learning among fellow trainees. This means feedback that cuts to the chase, honest observations and enduring friendships.
  • The Ormit experience Being employed at a Great Place To Work with enthusiastic colleagues in a culture characterised by pride, pleasure and trust.

About ASML

ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need - hardware, software and services - to mass produce patterns on silicon, helping to increase the value and lower the cost of a chip. Their key technology is the lithography system, which brings together high-tech hardware and advanced software to control the chip manufacturing process down to the nanometer.

All of the world’s top chipmakers like Samsung, Intel and TSMC use our technology, enabling the waves of innovation that help tackle the world’s toughest challenges.
ASML has 19,000 employees worldwide. They are headquartered in Veldhoven (The Netherlands) and have over 60 offices in 16 countries.

This is what you will do!

Within the ORMIT & ASML Business & Engineering Traineeship you get the opportunity take on challenging assignments within various departments of ASML. Based upon the possibilities within the company, your technical expertise and ambition within ASML and you will be matched with the department that suits you best. Generally you're assignments will contain one of the following fields of expertise:

Mechanical Architecture

During this traineeship you will work at the Mechanical Architecture (MA) department. The architecture of the ASML machines is crucial for the overall performance of these products. Within the MA department the best mechanical constructions, built-in service mechanisms, means for handling goods and transport systems are developed and industrialized. Here the primary functions of the ASML products are effectively facilitated. For instance: Mechanical Constructions, Freight Handling & Transport. The department covers the entire life cycle of the product: from supplier, production and field service to the end of its lifecycle. It is essential that 'we' can fulfill the functional and industrial obligations in close consultation with all internal and external customers of ASML, including Supply Chain Engineering and Production & Equipment Engineering.

Your possibilities

In this Traineeship you will get the opportunity to discover in which role you are in your strength within the Mechanical Architecture (MA) department. Would you like to grow into a role as team leader, project leader or expert? With an expert role you can think of the job function of Architect. In that case you are responsible for translating specific requirements into the design of the ASML machines. Your main responsibilities are the creation and execution of the architectural design, the budgeting and the communication direction, and -if necessary- negotiating with the users. Other main activities with which you can get started within MA are to make the design operational with all the set functions and perform control tests to show that the architecture or subsystem works as intended during the specification phase. This requires a combination of technical expertise and leadership skills.

Do you have what it takes? Kickstart your career within ASML!

What we look for in our Trainees

  • A Master's degree from a technical study. Preferably (not exclusively) in Engineering, Applied Mathematics or Applied Physics; Systems & Control and Innovation Science.
  • Academic level skills.
  • 0 to 2 years professional experience.
  • Strong affinity with technology and improvement processes.
  • Relevant extracurricular pursuits alongside your study programme.
  • Good command of English. Dutch is optional.
  • A can-do mentality that lets you turn ideas into results.
  • You are eligible to work in the Netherlands (applicable for International candidates).

Apply now via the online application form! Your digital career starts here!
Experiencing difficulties with the application form? Please send your resume and application letter to Werving@ORMIT.nl.

This is what you can expect in the oncoming two weeks

  1. We will review your application.
  2. Invite you for an online capacity test.
  3. Invite you for the first round of interviews.
  4. Invite you for the ORMIT Assessment.
  5. You will meet the people at ASML.
  6. We welcome you at ORMIT and ASML!


Arlette van Lint - Corporate Recruiter +31 (06)-57057672. Information about us is available at www.ormit.nl.

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.

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